Sullair is proud to announce the industry’s most comprehensive extended warranty program, the new Sullair Diamond Warranty™ for stationary rotary screw air compressors. Sullair’s confidence in the extraordinary reliability and dependability of its compressors is now backed by the Sullair Diamond Warranty™ which covers the air end for 10 years and provides critical protection against unexpected errors and downtime.

As the industry’s premier rotary screw air compressor manufacturer, Sullair has made the Diamond Warranty program available to both new and existing Sullair compressors. New oil flooded stationary compressors (with discharge pressures up to 150 psig) ordered from Sullair Americas automatically have this comprehensive coverage.

The Sullair Diamond Warranty™ covers all major components for new air compressors, including 10 years on the air end plus 5 years on the motor and other components such as the air/fluid receiver, oil cooler, and aftercooler.

The Sullair Diamond Warranty™ applies to all new oil flooded air compressors up to 150 psig order from Sullair Americas in Michigan City, IN after January 1, 2014.

Sullair Diamond Extended Warranty covers both the replacement air end and air end parts and is backed by Sullair’s global network of distributors. To learn more, please <a title=”Contact Us” href=””>Diversified Air</a> for more details.