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Compressor Service & Repair
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Compressor Service Solutions-24/7
Customers tell us our service makes the difference. With service and sales facilities in Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Erie, Wheeling, Weirton and Clarksburg —we ensure your service needs are met quickly, while our factory-certified technicians guarantee the job is done right. No matter the model or manufacturer, Diversified Air Systems will repair your rotating equipment efficiently and economically.

Our highly-trained specialists:

Compressor Service & Repair

  • Are experienced with every major manufacturer in the industry
  • Are certified for refrigeration
  • Receive factory training and certifications annually
  • Keep up-to-date on new designs
  • Provide an entire system layout or design a complete packaged solution
  • Conduct service schools for corporations throughout the country

What Separates Diversified Air Systems from the Competition:

  • Low labor rate for PM visits.
  • All service technicians use state of the art wireless scheduling and dispatching software to increase efficiency and reduce service time.
  • All technicians will have the complete history of your equipment with live up to date service information in their hands. All company wide inventory information, as well as service reports, are available for the service technician to use while on site.
  • Vibration Testing is available. Failures become more predictable and repairs can be scheduled at your choosing – not when a catastrophic failure occurs.
  • Multiple Agreements to provide flexible solutions.
  • Each service vehicle is stocked with over $10,000 of parts. Some competitors have virtually no truck stock – ensuring an extra trip and an increased bill!
  • Some competitors commission their service technicians for additional service and parts sales. Diversified Air Systems refrains from doing so to ensure integrity.
  • 100 point inspection forms are used to assure our customers of a thorough job – which is why our callbacks are so low!
  • Technicians are on call after hours– ensuring you can get a hold of someone in case of an emergency!
  • Diversified Air Systems has over 20 dedicated service team members to ensure an immediate response or technician dispatch.
  • Compressed air system flow, power and pressure monitoring is available to document your air requirements annually and ensure your system is operating at peak performance.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Agreements (please see PM page for more details)
Diversified Air Systems has some of the best Preventative MaintenancePreventative Maintenance (PM) programs in the industry. Our standard maintenance offering includes 4 different levels depending on your level of involvement. Do you like to do your own service, but want someone to check over the units occasionally? We have that program. Or would you rather handle your air control and treatment system like a utility and not have the responsibility of its proper operation? We have that too, along with everything in between.

Predictive Maintenance
Catch failure before it fails with, Diversified Air’s predictive maintenance programs. These programs can determine imminent system failure before it happens, so you can plan downtime to repair.

Service Feedback Form
We welcome your comments and feedback. Diversified Air Systems strives to be the best provider of air control and treatment equipment, as well as parts and service. Tell us what you think or give us some ideas. We can only become better with your help!  CLICK HERE

Our Support software

Our Support software allows us to wirelessly provide our technicians with immediate details of our client’s service tickets.

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