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For automotive, light industrial and other challenging applications, CA Series compressors are built to last. Components are selected based on durability and performance, ensuring that your CA Series compressor delivers reliable performance in demanding applications. Precision-machined components and a dedication to materials of construction that are meant for real-world working conditions further assure long-term durability.


17.4 – 68.4 cfm


175 psi


5 – 15 hp
All critical components in the CA Series are selected and assembled for long-term performance. So you won’t have to worry about the cylinders, cylinder heads, crankshaft, connecting rods or pistons wearing out before their time. Plus, stainless steel valves are included on all models. Just as important as the materials is the FS-Curtis standard for quality. All parts are manufactured to precision tolerances for high efficiency, powerful performance and years of service under demanding conditions.
Simplex compressors are well suited for common applications where only one compressor is needed.
• Magnetic motor starter
• Manual tank drain
• Oil sight glass
• Horizontal or vertical tank configurations available
• Factory oil filled

Duplex compressors are ideal when there are varying demand levels during operation. By alternating demand across two pumps, a duplex compressor also delivers longer pump life. The redundant pumps ensure you’ll always have air, eliminating maintenance downtime.
• Alternator control panel comes mounted with magnetic motor starters and thermal overload protection
• Compressors alternate during normal operation
• Both compressors run when system demands
• Duplex design reduces electrical cost and eliminates downtime
• Factory oil filled

Gas-driven models are ideal for applications that require air when electricity isn’t readily available. FS-Curtis gas-driven models are perfect for fleet and service applications.
• Choose between Kohler or Honda engines
• OSHA-approved totally enclosed metal belt guard
• ASME-approved air receiver
• 12V DC starter with alternator
• Engine idle control

CA Series compressors are already an outstanding value, and an FS-Curtis Ultra Pack gives you even more. An Ultra Pack includes a CA Series compressor fully packaged with the most common options and accessories. You’ll save money and time by getting it all in one package, and you’ll be assured of increasing air quality while reducing maintenance needs. Industry-leading five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty available.
• Air-cooled aftercooler
• Magnetic motor starter (Simplex)
• Alternator panel (Duplex)
• Dual control (10-15HP Simplex)
• Low oil level shutdown
• Automatic tank drain
• Tank isolator pads
• Factory oil filled

CA5 – 5 HP | E50 PUMP | 80 GAL GAL TANK | 19.1-32.2 CFM

CA5+ – 5 HP | E57 PUMP | 80-120 GAL TANK | 28.7-57.4 CFM

CA7.5 – 7.5 HP | E57 PUMP | 80-120 GAL TANK | 39.8-79.6 CFM

CA-13H – 13 HP | E15 PUMP | 120 GAL TANK | 55.8-111.6 CFM

CA14-K – 14 HP | E57 PUMP | 30 GAL TANK | 22.5 CFM

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