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ML-Series compressors feature FS-Curtis’ patented Centro-Ring lubrication for extended service life. This unique pressure-lubrication system ensures that oil is delivered directly to all critical wear points and bearings, including the crankshaft, connecting rod, and wrist pins. The cast-iron design further ensures that you’ll get the performance and durability you desire without the repair and maintenance bills you don’t.


19.1 – 204.2 cfm


175 psi


5 – 30 hp
When you need continuous duty, the ML Series delivers. Only FS-Curtis offers the unique Centro-Ring lubrication system that extends the life of the compressor. Centro-Ring lubrication is superior to splash-lubricated systems because it supplies pressurized oil internally to all bearings and critical wear surfaces through the rifle-drilled crankshaft and connecting rods, ensuring that all critical components are properly lubricated. That means an air compressor with Centro-Ring lubrication will last significantly longer than a similar splash-lubricated compressor. It’s just another reason why the FS-Curtis ML Series is the most trusted and dependable line available.
Simplex compressors are well suited for common applications where only one compressor is needed.
• Magnetic motor starter
• Manual tank drain
• Oil sight glass
• Horizontal or vertical tank configurations available
• Factory oil filled

Duplex compressors are ideal when there are varying demand levels during operation. By alternating demand across two pumps, a duplex compressor also delivers longer pump life. The redundant pumps ensure you’ll always have air, eliminating maintenance downtime.
• Alternator control panel comes mounted with magnetic motor starters and thermal overload protection
• Compressors alternate during normal operation
• Both compressors run when system demands
• Duplex design reduces electrical cost and eliminates downtime
• Factory oil filled

The ultimate value, an FS-Curtis Ultra Pack gives you a Masterline Simplex or Duplex compressor fully packaged with the most common options and accessories. You’ll save money and time by getting it all in one package, and you’ll be assured of increasing air quality while reducing maintenance needs. Industry-leading five year bumper-to-bumper warranty available — talk to your FS-Curtis representative for more details.
• Air-cooled aftercooler
• Magnetic motor starter (Simplex)
• Alternator panel (Duplex)
• Dual control (10-30HP Simplex)
• Low oil level shutdown
• Automatic tank drain
• Tank isolator pads
• Factory oil filled

ML5 – 5 HP | D96 PUMP | 80 GAL TANK | 19.1-32.3 CFM

ML7.5 – 7.5 HP | D79 PUMP | 80-100 GAL TANK | 28.7-57.4 CFM

ML10 – 10 HP | D97 PUMP | 120-200 GAL TANK | 39.8-79.6 CFM

ML15 – 15 HP | D97 PUMP | 120 GAL TANK | 49.5 CFM

ML15+ – 15 HP | C89 PUMP | 120-200 GAL TANK | 55.8-111.6 CFM

ML20 – 20HP | D89 PUMP | 120 GAL TANK | 65.1 CFM

ML20+ – 20HP | D98 PUMP | 200-240 GAL TANK | 76.5-153 CFM

ML25 – 25HP | D98 PUMP | 200-240 GAL TANK | 91.4-182.8 CFM

ML30 – 30 HP | D98 PUMP | 200-240 GAL TANK | 102.2-204.4 CFM

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