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Variable Speed Driven ZW compressors offer an additional 30-35% energy savings and long life cycle to customers with variable air demand.

Naturally “Green” by design, each provides high-quality air, low dB(A) noise levels, efficient use of energy, and no oil discharge to the environment. Even service costs are very low with no oil filters, oil separators or oil to dispose of.

ZW’s 4-Stage Water Purification System with reverse osmosis membrane & water pump is furnished standard to remove all contaminants to provide clean, flat water to prevent contamination buildup on the internal components. Total water filtration, cleaning, and automatic flushing ensure high air quality and long component life cycles.


14.5 – 56.5 acfm


116 psig


5 – 20 hp
CURTIS ZW Series Oil Free Screw Compressors produce true oil-less air. When your application requires clean, high quality air, purchase a VIV Series Compressor.

VIV Compressors are environmentally safe with high efficiency and are an extension of our current offering of Oil Less piston compressors. CURTIS oil free compressors serve the majority of your compressed air needs.

CURTIS-TOLEDO®, lnc. provides the highest level of customer service through our national network of distributors, extensive research and development, and a promise for uncompromising pursuit of excellence in maximizing oil free proven technologies:

Oil-Less Design

  • System contains no oil, unlike dry screw compressors.
  • Water cools, seals and lubricates the compressor.
  • Ceramic, water lubricated bearings for long life and high reliability.

High Efficiency

  • Water seals the clearances effectively for low energy consumption (up to 15% less than dry screw) and no air flow is wasted to seal vent.
  • As the water absorbs the heat from the air during compression, the compressor achieves nearly ideal isothermal compression for optimal efficiency. Direct drive of the air end improves the efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Advanced proprietary profile is machined to high precision (vs. mold-casted polymer rotors) for high efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • Save an additional 30% to 35% of energy cost with optional Variable Speed Driven ZWV.

Low-Cost Service

  • Oil-less design requires no oil changes, oil filters, oil separator element changes, or costly disposals of oil filters and the ZW air end does not require high cost rebuilds like dry screws.
  • Oil leaks or discharges into the environment requiring costly repairs are avoided, and no need for high maintenance oil-water separation system.
  • Less down time due to easy and fast service.
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost (LLC) with Variable Speed Driven ZWC compressors.

ZW 20A – 85 cfm | 100-135 psig | 20 hp | 72 dba
ZW 30A – 125 cfm | 100-135 psig | 30 hp | 75 dba
ZW 50A – 222 cfm | 100-135 psig | 50 hp | 77 dba
ZXV 50A – 222 cfm | 100-135 psig | 50 hp 77 dba

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