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Hycomp utilizes heavy duty construction that incorporates the benefits of larger designs into our compressors and boosters. We manufacture compressors that provide longevity and continuous oil free service by taking advantage of cast iron cylinders/heads, pressure oil lubricated crankcases, thick PTFE based piston rings, and radial tangent packings.


32 – 1010 cfm
55 – 1716 m3/h


360 – 6000 psi
25 – 420 bar


5 – 15 hp
3.7 – 11 kw
Why Use an Air Booster? Standard compressed air systems in industrial facilities are typically designed for pressures of 80 to 130 psig. When higher pressures are required it is very effective to use a portion of your plant air and apply an air booster to obtain the desired pressure. Other methods of acquiring higher pressure air such as stand-alone air compressors, air amplifiers and increasing the pressure of the entire plant are more costly and less efficient. Simple Is Better All you need is electricity and low pressure air. Air boosters take air from your existing network and compress it to a higher pressure. Think of an air booster as a second or third stage to your existing air compressor. No Air Loss What you put in is what you get out. Unlike pneumatically driven air amplifiers that use up to 60% of your air flow to power the machine, our air boosters are electrically driven. Size Does Matter Sometimes smaller is better. Hycomp air boosters are physically smaller and use less horsepower than traditional stand-alone air compressors. A smaller machine makes yoursystem less expensive to purchase, install, operate and maintain.
Cast Iron & Steel Construction Our major castings are iron or steel. Unlike aluminum, these materials hold their shape and don’t warp at elevated temperatures. They provide additional vibration dampening and allow Hycomp boosters to operate for years without major component replacement. Plenum Intake Our unique “Plenum Intake” design receives air below the compression cylinder through the plenum chamber. This innovative style of intake and compression provides three major benefits:

  • Cooling effect on rings and packings
  • Balanced piston rod loads
  •  Internal air reservoir

Oil Isolation Our distance piece and piston rod oil scrapers keep the oil isolated to the crosshead cylinder and crankcase and away from your compression. Oil scrapers remove oil from the piston rod while the open distance piece protects against oil vapor entering the air stream. Pressure Oil Lubricated Our crankcase is pressurized to provide generous lubrication to all moving parts. Unlike splash lubrication that spreads oil sporadically, the oil in our crankcase is liberally delivered with pinpoint accuracy. The Hycomp oil lubricated bottom end decreases running temperatures, allows for higher discharge pressures and provides longevity

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