Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Diversified Air offers a complete maintenance program to help eliminate routine and costly downtime. Our programs are time proven and all work is performed by certified-Diversified Air Preventative Maintenancefactory trained technicians.


Here’s how it works:

The maintenance program is not a contract but an agreement. The agreement can be canceled at anytime with 30 days notice. Diversified Air will keep track of the amount of running time your equipment accumulates. We then call you one-two weeks ahead of time to schedule the required service.

Generally speaking, we have segmented these “customer needs” into the following broad categories:

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  • Customers who choose to service their own equipment.
  • Customers who prefer to call us when they need our assistance.
  • Customers who agree for us to call them periodically to remind them that service is due.
  • Customers willing to sign a service agreement.
  • Customer who wants us to assume 100% responsibility for their compressed air system.



Further benefits of the maintenance agreements:

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  • Helps eliminate expensive repair bills and breakdowns.
  • Helps reduce costly loss of production.
  • Projected yearly maintenance cost.
  • Increased compressor life.
  • Maintains clean, dry air for your compressed air system.
  • 10 % off our labor rates.



Please contact us for more details

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