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Water jeopardizes everything you want your compressed air system to do. It ruins product and fouls processes. Removing it is vital in order to protect both your equipment and your operations.

Sullair Refrigerated Air Dryers reliably remove harmful moisture and contaminants from compressed air, helping protect your compressed air system, machinery and downstream tools.

  • Engineered to save
  • Consistent, reliable dew point performance


20 – 30,000 cfm
.57– 849.5 m³/min
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers for consistent dew point and corrosion resistance
  • 3-in-1 heat exchangers with internal separator and evaporator provide simplified maintenance and parts and reduce size
  • Advanced digital scroll compressors for the highest performance with reduced power and energy consumption (200 scfm and above)
  • Zero air loss drains to remove condensate from the system without losing compressed air
  • Environmentally friendly R-134a and R-404a refrigerants standard
  • High heat transfer and large flow areas ensuring low pressure drop
  • Easily serviceable cabinet
  • Durable powder coated cabinets on enclosed models to protect the inner workings of the dryer from harsh environments
  • Units with three phase voltage have a phase monitor to protect the compressor while eliminating possible phase reversal, loss and unbalance
  • Electronic Unit Controller for easy service (200 scfm and above)

Sullair Refrigerated Air Dryers are available in the following configurations:

ATRH — Refrigerated High Temperature — 20 to 125 scfm
ATRN — Refrigerated Non-Cycling — 25 to 1000 scfm
ATRX — Refrigerated Extreme High Pressure — 20 to 275 scfm
ATRP — Refrigerated High Pressure Stainless Steel — 45 to 1000 scfm
ATRD — Refrigerated Energy Saving — 200 to 2000 scfm
ATRS — Refrigerated Digital Cycling — 1000 to 10,000 scfm
ATRDE — Refrigerated Large Flow Energy Saving — 4000 to 30,000 scfm
ATRME — Refrigerated Thermal Mass — 4000 to 30,000 scfm

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