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Most plant air systems have sufficient compressed air capacity. The problem is distributing this capacity where and when it is needed in the system. Peak demands will often exceed capacity. The deficiency is made up by drawing air from the distribution system. To compensate for these demands, the system pressure is increased, leading to significant energy waste.

There is a new paradigm for your compressed air system. Oversupply is not the answer. The answer is delivering the required flow, pressure and level of air quality at the lowest cost–no more, no less.


4.2 – 155.7 m³/min


maximum inlet pressure 150 – 200 psi
maximum inlet pressure 10.3 – 13.8 bar

Sullair FlowLogic Controllers provide a product-based solution in the total air system approach by managing the distribution of compressed air to production. This is done by creating upstream storage and controlling its flow into the plant air system.

Results may include:

  • Stable system pressure (± 1% or better)
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer complaints

Models vary by region. Please contact your Sullair sales representative for more details.

Features Include:

  • Compact integrated assembly
  • Inlet and system pressure gauges
  • Tamper-resistant servo-pilot controls outlet pressure
  • One-year warranty

FlowLogic Can Improve Production

  • Helps stabilize air pressure
  • Often lowers product defects and scrap
  • Helps improve consistency of finished product quality
  • Can minimize (or eliminate) compressed air related complaints

FlowLogic Can Save Money

  • Helps reduce the effect of compressed air leaks
  • Helps reduce number of compressors required
  • Helps reduce maintenance costs
  • FlowLogic Controllers can pay for themselves—in energy saving alone—in as little as six months
  • Standard sizes from 150 to 5500 scfm (4.2 – 155.7 m³/min)
  • Maximum inlet pressure
    • 150 – 1750 cfm (4.2 – 49.6 m³/min): 200 psig (13.8 bar)
    • 2600 – 5500 cfm (73.6 – 155.7 m³/min): 150 psig (10.3 bar)
    • Consult factory for higher inlet pressures
  • Outlet pressure range
    • 150 – 1750 cfm (4.2 – 49.6 m³/min): 50 –195 psig (3.4 – 13.2 bar)
    • 2600 – 5500 cfm (73.6 – 155.7 m³/min): 50 – 145 psig (3.4 – 10.0 bar)
    • Consult factory for lower outlet pressures
  • Maximum inlet temperature: 125° F (51.7° C)
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