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What is an Air Audit?
An analysis of your compressed air operation determines how well your compressed air systems are meeting your actual production needs. We match the supply to the demand side as closely as possible. We understand that each plant is unique and believe there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution to meet everyone’s needs. We look at the system as a whole, then match the correct measure specific to the system.


  • System Audits: Diversified Air Systems’ compressed air audits, measure the performance of an existing compressed air system as well as your compressor itself. We use state-of-the-art data logging equipment to measure components such as temperature, flow (CFM), pressure (PSI), power consumption (KW and amps) and other factors that determine the efficiency of your system. Using the gathered information we supply reports, graphs, charts, comments, and recommendations to improve system performance and reduce operating costs.
  • Energy Consumption Management: With the data collected during the audit we can provide you with the ability to change the controls of your machine or change the technique in the way you are using the compressor to conserve energy consumption.
  • Leak Audit: A leak survey will show if air is being lost throughout your facility. From here, we can determine the locations of the leaks and tag the locations using ultrasonic leak detection equipment. Finally, we will present you with how much air is being lost at that location, which in turn will supply you with a total lost energy calculation.
Levels of Assessment
A comprehensive review of your entire compressed air system can help you:

Walk-Through Evaluation (1/2-2 Days) 
Using the AIRSUITE system analysis software we can quickly evaluate the cost and efficiency of a compressed air system, compare multiple compressor alternatives and calculate investment paybacks on energy saved. This is an ideal tool for a system walk-through assessment as defined by the Compressed Air Challenge/DOE.

System Assessment (2-5 Days)
Our SysteMate hardware and software provide you with a real-time assessment of your company’s compressed air usage thru limited data logging. SysteMate takes power and pressure readings as inputs then calculates the true flow output, automatically generating a report which graphs system parameters, including air flow. All of this is done without any production interruptions. This assessment is typically confined to data gathering in the compressor room.

System Audit (3-10 Days)
Our LogAir Auditing System combines the first data logging system specifically designed to meet the comprehensive requirements of today’s compressed air system. We personally train the auditors so they can provide the ultimate in compressed air system analysis and optimization. This assessment typically addresses supply and demand data logging. Our auditors work with you to understand your needs even going beyond the requirements defined by the Compressed Air Challenge and DOE.

What are the Benefits?
A comprehensive review of your entire compressed air system can help you:

  • Decrease your system operating costs
  • Discover the source of the problem rather than alleviating the symptoms
  • Improve air quality
  • Identify opportunities for improvements
  • Provide a factual basis for evaluating opportunities, calculating savings, sizing components, verifying retrofit results and performance contracting
  • Enhance productivity by reducing scheduled downtime and scrap rates

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